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Below please find a list of our Senior Certified TaoYoga Arts Instructors who are currently offering lessons, have undergone extensive training, and have taken the Certification Test. The below Instructors meet all the requirements to transmit the Art of Taoist Yoga at a high standard - and are Formally Licensed. We will be updating this list with more of our Exceptional TaoYoga Tribe Members Soon...!

Yuko Kon - Japan

Yuko is our Senior most Teacher in the TaoYoga Arts System, having studied directly under Jesse for over 9 years, and was the first Formally Certified Instructor in Japan.  Yuko has traveled extensively to China, under Jesse's guidance, on 9 separate occasions to study under Senior Taoist Master's in the Sacred China Mountains.  Yuko also practices Taoist Energy Healing, and this is a great influence in her lessons.  Yuko is bilingual in English and Japanese - her Heart Focus is on Woman's Health, Healing and Empowerment in her Teachings.  To find out more about Yuko, please visit her Facebook Group -- TaoYoga Yuko -- 

Nancy Zhou - China / USA

Nancy Zhou (Yang Yang) - is a unique teacher who brings a strong passion to her lessons in the areas of health, vegan based lifestyle and wellbeing. Nancy has an eclectic background in education, contemporary arts, Hatha Yoga, philanthropy and more. A car accident at age 18 and subsequent spinal injuries brought her to the journey of self healing and transformation. During this search, she found the TaoYoga Arts System, and began an intensive private one to one course of study with Founder Jesse Lee Parker, leading her to Instructor Certification. In her quest for self healing, balance and personal transformation, Nancy has found Tao Yoga to be the key she was searching for. Through teaching the TaoYoga Arts System, Nancy wishes to bring more harmony, health and balance to her students, local community, and all that surrounds us.  To find out more about Nancy and her teachings, please visit her Facebook Group -- TaoYoga China --


Benjamin Robins - Australia 

Benjamin was a member of the first Teacher Training group in Tokyo, and has been a very active long term student.  Benjamin offers a very comprehensive approach to Taoist Yoga, with a focus on the meditative, and spiritual aspect of the practice.  Ben has also studied the Healing Arts in-depth, and offers a wide variety of Massage Therapy and Energy Healing from the Asian and Western Traditions.  Ben is a dedicated father, with two beautiful children, and he brings balance to his family life with the Practice of TaoYoga.   Find out more about Benjamin by visiting his Facebook Group -- TaoYoga Australia -- 

Ayumi Iwai - Japan

Ayumi brings a wonderful background as a multifaceted artist, singer and improvisational dancer to her TaoYoga Arts Lessons .  Based in Sapporo,  Ayumi and her husband Naoto are pioneering the spreading of Taoist Yoga on the Northern Island of Hokkaido and raising an amazing little daughter named, 'Tao-chan'.    Ayumi has a deep connection with Nature and a Natural Spirituality which she brings to her TaoYoga lessons.  Please find more about Ayumi on her Facebook Group -- TaoYoga Hokkaido -- 

Joshua Bee Alafia - USA

Joshua brings a wealth of experience to his TaoYoga Arts Lessons.  He is an instructor in Mind Body Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, active in Community Outreach and has produced cutting edge documentary films which transform and enlighten the heart.  He brings a pure heart and deep experience to his classes and embodies the TaoYoga Arts System in an integral way - Joshua has done exceptional work bringing the Healing and Mindfulness Arts to People of Color in his Communities in Chicago and Brooklyn - find out more about Joshua on his Facebook Page -- 





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