Join us for a Life Changing Journey

Come and experience the beauty of Thailand on Koh Tao Island this January 2019. Experience a Traditional Taoist Inner Alchemy Retreat, and become a Certified Teacher in the TaoYoga Arts System... Truly a Once in a Lifetime Journey..!

Teacher Training 2019 - Golden Elixir Retreat

Join us for our FIRST EVER International Teacher Training and Inner Alchemy Retreat outside of Japan...  A Life Changing Experience in Paradise, Learning Taoist Inner Alchemy and the TaoYoga Arts System...!

Koh Tao Island - Paradise


Koh Tao Island will be the site of our Teacher Training and Golden Elixir Retreat.  Drifting serenely in the Gulf of Thailand, the palm-fringed island of Ko Tao takes its name from the abundant sea turtles that reside on its shores. White sand beaches sheltered by steep hills – some only accessible with four-wheel drive vehicles – and 300 days of sun per year invite long afternoons of lounging in nature.  A perfect retreat to experience the transformational training of the TaoYoga Arts System. 

TaoYoga Arts System


The Way of Energy Development from the Taoist Tradition...  The TaoYoga Arts System is a modern and comprehensive approach to Taoist Practice.  Taoist Practice in Ancient Times was called 'Tan Tao'  - 丹道 -  which means the Way of Developing the Inner Elixir - the Purified Inner Energy - which arises and is developed in the Tan Tian Center.  In modern times, this Ancient Art is often termed Taoist Yoga.  In this exciting Retreat and Teacher Training, we will guide the member through a process of Inner Alchemy, Awakening Healing Energy and learning a complete and traditional system of Taoist Yoga. Members will be guided through 5 Unique sets from the TaoYoga Arts System, Taoist Longevity Breath Training, and detailed lectures on Taoist Cosmology, and the process of Energy Development. 

Experience a New Life...


We strive to bring our members of the Earth & Sky Reconnection Tour 2019 through a wonderful experience, on all levels from the location, exotic and healthy foods, and high level Teacher Training in Taoist Yoga in the majestic nature of Koh Tao Island....  This journey will truly be life changing, and inspirational on all levels.  On completion of this Training Course, members may journey back to their homes and communities, bringing a wealth of knowledge, technique and experience in the TaoYoga Arts System - changing lives, healing hearts, and enlightening minds...  Truly Awesome...

Your Guide on this Journey...


During our time on Koh Tao Island, you will be taught and guided by Jesse Lee Parker.  Jesse brings a wealth of experience to his lessons, having practiced the Taoist Arts since he was a teenager, giving him well over 30 years of experience.  Jesse currently is the director of the TaoYoga Arts Association of Japan, and has literally taught many hundreds of students.  Jesse also has led extensive tours and retreats in the sacred mountains, and hidden Taoist Sites of China for many years, giving him extensive experience in leading groups and organising all of the logistics of travel, on ground transportation and lodging.  Traveling to a foreign country with a group can be a wonderful, but also challenging experience - Jesse strives to always go the extra mile to ensure exceptional experiences, safety, comfort, and guide his groups into the sacred and mysterious realms in the countries he leads his retreats in.  We are so excited to be bringing everyone to the Magical Island of Koh Tao in 2019..!

A Journey of Transformation in Paradise...

Come experience the Magic Of TaoYoga Arts in one of the most beautiful and exotic locations in the World...


In this very special Retreat and Teacher's Training on Koh Tao Island, you will gain access to rarely seen methods and techniques from the Taoist Inner Alchemy Tradition - we will guide you to Awaken your Inner Energy and Certify you to Teach the TaoYoga Arts Methods of:

* Dantian Center Activation *

* Meridian Stretching *

* Dragon & Tiger Qigong *

* Taoist Inner Alchemy Meditation *

* Taoist Longevity Breath Training *

* Golden Lotus Form Training *

* Clear Light Meditation Practice *

* Opening of the Energy Gates *

* Taoist Mudra and Hand Seal Training *







Members of the Earth & Sky Reconnection Tour will have instant access to our Good Morning Tao Online Training - as soon as you register - allowing you to begin your learning in Taoist Yoga right now.  You will Awakening Your Inner Energy and prepare for the upcoming Retreat and Teacher Training on Koh Tao Island...

Our Online Program contains access to:  
  • 5 Unique Taoist Yoga Video Lessons - guiding you to develop Inner Energy and Gain Greater Health by following the Path of the 5 Gates of Change.  Including a bonus training video on opening the 5 Energy Gates.
  • 8 Video Lectures on the subjects of Taoist Yoga, Energy Development, Self Healing, Taoist Philosophy, and the Way of the 5 Gates of Change.
  • Detailed PDF workbook, containing a 90 page outline of the Practice of Taoist Yoga, Diagrams of Meridians and the Energy Body, including Taoist Theory and Philosophy.  
  • All of this is available on our beautiful, easy to use, cutting edge Online Learning Center. 
  • This Online Program is valued at $525 - and we are including it as a part of your registration in the Earth & Sky Reconnection Tour absolutely free - we wish to contribute  as much as we can to your growth and development in the Art of Taoist Yoga - and this program is a wonderful first step...!



“TaoYoga transformed my life in every way....!”


"I Awakened my Healing Energy with the practice of TaoYoga and feel more Healthy, Happy and Connected than every before.  I became a Certified Teacher in 2007, and now support myself through teaching in my community, sharing the wonderful Path of TaoYoga Arts with the people of Japan.  It is so fulfilling to contribute to others lives, and to be a mentor... guiding my students on the path of health and wellness...  My life has changed in such a positive way, and I really feel fulfilled, healthy and happy - thanks to the practice of the TaoYoga Arts System ...".

- Yuko Kon, Japan






Earth & Sky Reconnection Tour

January 14 - 25, 2019

 January 14 - journey begins


We will gather our group together on the Island of Koh Samui.  There will be airport pickup and transfer to our stylish beach front hotel.  Today will be a day of our group gathering, and this evening, we will have a very special welcome dinner and celebration. We will have a group orientation, and hand out our daily schedule pack, course workbooks and -- we will give out our amazing Earth & Sky Reconnection Gift Bags with training pants, Thai cloth bag, Original Tour T-shirt, Longevity herbal teas and more....  We will then go and enjoy a refreshing foot massage together as a group to revitalise and reset after our long journey and travel - early to bed, so we may rest up for our morning journey to Koh Tao Island...



 January 15 - Koh Tao Island


We will gather in the morning before breakfast for a flowing session of TaoYoga, Qigong and TaiChi - Jesse will guide you in an amazing sequence of Taoist Breath Work, Energy Activation, 8 Immortals form, and Taoist TaiChi & Qigong - then we will enjoy an amazing breakfast buffet and enjoy the wonderful fruits and healthy foods from Thailand.   Relax, enjoy the beach, go for a swim - then we check out and will transfer by boat shuttle to Koh Tao Island - where we will spend the next 10 days and nights diving deep into the Art of Taoist Inner Alchemy, Taoist Yoga and a Journey through the 5 Gates of Change.  After we check in to our rooms and lodging, we will have some free time before dinner to explore our beautiful surroundings.  After dinner we will have our first Taoist Inner Alchemy Meditation from 7:00pm - 9:00pm.  We will also give instruction in Taoist Sleeping Meditation practice, to continue the process of energy development. Early to bed, as the next morning we begin our practice with the sunrise....



Site of our Inner Alchemy Retreat and TaoYoga Arts - Teacher Training Course..


Our Inner Alchemy Retreat and Teacher Training will be held on the beautiful grounds of Baan Talay, on Koh Tao Islands - we will be in an area of beautiful nature, and majestic beach front access - and wonderful hillside for hiking.  Truly a nature paradise, perfect for our Transformational Retreat.


The lodging near to the sea will be the amazing Lotus Yurts, nestled in the amazing nature, close to the sea - you will be surrounded by a wonderful sense of sky, ocean and hillside - bringing you closer to yourself and nature on our amazing journey together into the mystery of the Way of Taoist Practice.


The lodging nestled in the hillside will be the Bungalow Cabins, in the shade and quietude of the trees and nature of the hillside - the Bungalow and Lotus Yurts will give our members the chance to reside and be close to the nature of the hillside and sea during our retreat training.  Harmony with Nature an important aspect of Taoist Practice. 

Our beautiful open air Dojo - site of our daily TaoYoga Arts Training...






 January 16 ~ 24  - TaoYoga Arts Retreat & Teacher Training


We will gather in the early morning before breakfast to begin our training in Inner Alchemy Meditation & the TaoYoga Arts System  - Jesse will guide us through a series of traditional training methods to Awaken the Energy Centers, Open the Meridian System, and Cultivate Healing Energy.  This training will be like nothing you have seen or encountered before - eclectic, ancient, and holistic - addressing all aspects of body, heart, and spirit.   In the early afternoon, we will have a lecture on Taoist Cosmology, Philosophy, Theory of Taoist Yoga and we will use our course workbooks for learning and note taking - after our lectures, we will continue our training in TaoYoga Arts, focusing on the Foundation Training of the 5 Gates of Change.   Afternoon is free time to explore the island, go hiking, engage in self practice, swim in the ocean, or take a rest.  Early dinner, then lecture and evening training in Inner Alchemy Meditation - after each evening session, we will give guidance in the practice of the Taoist Sleeping Immortal Tradition - Sleeping & Dream Yoga Practice - we will teach 3 of the Foundation Postures and Meditations from the Sleeping Immortal Tradition.    


We have compiled a truly amazing manual for this course training, that will also serve as a reflective journal for daily contemplation of Taoist Philosophy - the journal will continue after the tour, when you return home, so you may continue the work we began...

Energy Body

The study and exploration of the Energetic Body is a key theme and concept in the TaoYoga Arts System.  The teachings of the Energy Body has been an oral tradition in most of the different Wisdom Traditions, and as a result, often we find incomplete teachings in modern times.  We have created a unique teaching method, to give one a clear understanding on the Energetic System, and its relation to the Physical Practice and Technique.

Teacher Training Manuals

During our period of teaching in Japan for over 1o years, we have organised and complied a wide variety of our teachings in print form, and all of this has been put into our manuals with a lot of love.  Diagrams of the Energetic Body, Taoist Yoga Theory and Principle, and the Principles of Taoist Cosmology. We have taken the Oral Tradition of the Taoist Path, and organised the teachings in a modern way, to shed light, wisdom and understanding.  

Tao Life Journal

A key part of our Training Manual is the activity of daily journal writing and contemplation.  We have compiled key sections from Taoist Philosophy to stimulate contemplation and self reflection - which will help to inspire your reflective journal writing.   Journal writing is very important as we develop the ability of 'Self Observation', and 'Self Reflection' - which are very important skills as we begin to gain deeper awareness of our Inner Self. 

 January 25 - Graduation


We will gather in the early morning before breakfast to begin our training in Inner Alchemy Meditation & the TaoYoga Arts System  - Jesse will give a special teaching and transmission on this morning, our last training session together.  We will have a final question and answer session with students, and then will have a special breakfast celebration, with wonderful fruits, teas and celebrate this journey we experienced together as a group.  We will present the Graduating Students with their Certificates at this time, and also present parting gifts of stone amulets we made by hand for the students to take home to remember this special time together.  There will be a early and late afternoon boat shuttle back to Koh Samui, so members may make their way to the airport and return to their home country, to begin the new journey of Walking the Path as a TaoYoga Arts Instructor - sharing the Light of Tao with their friends, family and community....   








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